Top 5 new features of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4

Visual Studio 2010 has finally released and is available for download. You can download various version from below location -

There lots of improvement in Visual Studio 2010 over past version. Below are some new great features of Visual Studio 2010 -

Better code intellisense

Visual Studio 2010 has better code intellisense support which make it easier for look for methods and functions. You can now easily search for inline keyword, or even use abbreviation to search for properties or methods.

See - VS 2010 Code Intellisense Improvements

Improved multi-targeting support

Though multi-targeting was there in Visual Studio 2008, but the Visual Studio 2010 has got better support for it. With its new “reference assemblies”, it provides 100% accurate intellisense.

See - Multi-Targeting Support

Multi-monitor support

Earlier, all editor and child windows are hosted inside a single parent windows, but with the new IDE you can host every single child windows as separate windows outside of the main windows. You can move these to other monitors which makes it to support multiple monitors.

See Multi-Monitor Support

Enhanced code navigations

Visual Studio 2010 has introduces a number of new features to improve the searching and navigational capabilities. The new “Navigate to” features provides you a fast and incremental search of functions, classes, properties etc.

With its “View call Hierarchy” features can can discover from where a particular method or property is called which helps you to refactor and make you code even better.

Another features “Highlight Reference” helps of to discover what part of code is using a particular variable.

See Searching and Navigating Code in VS 2010

Parallel computing

With Visual Studio 2010, now you can take advantage of multi-core processor by using parallel computing feature. This help you to write code which can execute even faster. Visual Studio also supports parallel debugging for the parallel programming.

See VS2010 Parallel Computing Features Tour, Parallel Debugging

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Visual Studio 2010 is great. For one, I just love the code intellisense!

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ya m also like the features of vs 10

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This new features is rocking.

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Nice Article

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This features is more helpful for developing projects

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Visualstudio is really moving..........

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ya m also like the features of vs 10

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