Design posts

Poster swing – A jQuery plug-in for Poster Style Swing

A jQuery plugin-in for poster style swing effect using css 2D transform feature

ImageLens – A jQuery plug-in for Lens Effect Image Zooming

Use this jQuery plug-in to add lens style zooming effect to an image

jQuery Plug-in for Showing Message Box in Topbar

A jQuery Plug-in which you can use for showing notifications and messages in the topbar.

Create Printer Friendly Web Page Using Media Attribute

How can we optimize a web page for printer without creating new page

Add Vista Look to your WPF Control on Windows XP

Explains how to convert a XP looking UI into Vista look using WPF running under Window XP

Customized Html Controls: Creating Custom Checkbox

Discuss about creating custom html checkbox under customized html controls.

Purely CSS Callouts

Simple trick for creating callouts just using CSS and without images

Top 7 Tip for Optimizing CSS

About Optimizing techniques of CSS

Layout Form without Tables with CSS Trick

How to design a form without using any table or nested div

"Default Text" Fields Using Simple jQuery Trick

Explains how to implement default text input field using simple jQuery trick

Creating always visible div using CSS

Explains how easily we can create an always visible div using very simple CSS trick in html

Add favicon to your web site or html page

Describes how to install and use a favicon on your website

Apply CSS to html INPUT control based on type attribute

how we can add css to any input element based on the type attribute of INPUT to control the stylesheet

How to set 100% table height in html

Explains how to set 100% table height in a html page, a commonly faced problem