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Poster swing – A jQuery plug-in for Poster Style Swing

A jQuery plugin-in for poster style swing effect using css 2D transform feature

EasyTimer - JavaScript style setTimeout and setInterval in C#

how to implement and use JavaScript style setTimeout and setInterval in C#

ImageLens – A jQuery plug-in for Lens Effect Image Zooming

Use this jQuery plug-in to add lens style zooming effect to an image

jQuery Plug-in for Showing Message Box in Topbar

A jQuery Plug-in which you can use for showing notifications and messages in the topbar.

Create Printer Friendly Web Page Using Media Attribute

How can we optimize a web page for printer without creating new page

Top 5 new features of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4

Discusses the new features of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4

Using DebuggerBrowsable Attribute for a better view in debugger window

Describe how we can DebuggerBrowsable attribute for customizing the debugger window view.

JavaScript Exception Handling Techniques

Various techniques of JavaScript exception handling are dicussed here

Top 5 Small but Must have Extension Methods

Covering a few very basic and use extension methods

Business Cards and Postcards Giveaway : Comment and Win

Win free business cards and postcards. All you need to win is just comment

Add Vista Look to your WPF Control on Windows XP

Explains how to convert a XP looking UI into Vista look using WPF running under Window XP

Customized Html Controls: Creating Custom Checkbox

Discuss about creating custom html checkbox under customized html controls.

Random Sort a List Using LINQ

How to random Sort a List by using simple LINQ technique

Purely CSS Callouts

Simple trick for creating callouts just using CSS and without images

Top 7 Tip for Optimizing CSS

About Optimizing techniques of CSS

Animated Progress Bar without Images

How to create a cool looking animated progress bar without using any images using javascript, css and html

Maintaining Dirty and New state of objects

Explains how to manage Dirty, Clean, New and Old state of business objects in you application

Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript : Timer Class

How to do object oriented programming with JavaScript by taking simple example to a timer class.

Avoiding Event != null Check

Describes about how we can eliminate the repeating check of Event != null every where in code before raising any event

Layout Form without Tables with CSS Trick

How to design a form without using any table or nested div

"Default Text" Fields Using Simple jQuery Trick

Explains how to implement default text input field using simple jQuery trick

How not to cache a page output in ASP.NET

Explains how not to cache pages in to avoid them stored at client side

Creating always visible div using CSS

Explains how easily we can create an always visible div using very simple CSS trick in html

Are You Throwing Exceptions Correctly?

Discuss practices to throw exceptions to intact the exception stack trace

The Script tag runat="server" Problem Solution Using ResolveUrl

Solution to the script tag runat=\"server\" problem

MIME content-types with file extension

List of MIME content-types and their file extension

Step by Step Guide to Add a SQL Job in SQL Server 2005

Describes Step by Step process of adding a sql job in SQL Server 2005

Variadic Functions in JavaScript

Create and use function with indefinite number of parameters in javascript

Generate New Guid (uniqueidentifier) in SQL Server

About how to generate a random unique identifier in using sql query in SQL server

How to force a file to download in ASP.NET

This article is about how we can force the user to dowload a particlar file or file type by adding the content-disposition header

Specifying Access Modifier for Getter and Setter in Property

Explains about how we can have different access modifier for getter and setter in a property

Using Thread Pool for Multi-Threading application

How to use thread pool for multithreading in a .net application

Convert Image to Base64 String and Base64 String to Image

Learn how to convert Image to Base64 String and Base64 String to Image. (Online Converter Image to Base64)

Using Microsoft Agent in Windows .Net Application

How to use and animate MS in .NET Applications

Enum coversion operations (int to enum, enum to int, string to enum, enum to string)

how to to various enum coversions like int to enum, enum to int, string to enum, enum to string

Links - Jun 02, 2008

Some good links about web site design and development

Add favicon to your web site or html page

Describes how to install and use a favicon on your website

Using RegEx(Regular Expressions) in JavaScript

using javascript to create and verify user's input by using regular expression at client side

Implementing Cookieless Session (ASP.NET)

Explains how to implement cookieless authentication in by settings in web.config

Using Invoke to access object in a windows forms/controls thread

How to use Invoke to handle cross thread calls to windows forms or controls

Create RSS feed programatically from data in C#

This article will explain how can you to create you own utility to generate rss feed from yous data programatically

How to crawl a web page/file in a .net application

Explains how we can crawl a web page or file using a virtual path and store the response locally

Add attacments while sending email in .NET

Describes how to include attachemt with MailMessage in .net while sending emails

How to get current assembly version

Extracting the version of currently executing assembly

Apply CSS to html INPUT control based on type attribute

how we can add css to any input element based on the type attribute of INPUT to control the stylesheet

How to cache a page output in ASP.NET

how to do caching in to save the cpu time and do fast processing of incomming request

How to set 100% table height in html

Explains how to set 100% table height in a html page, a commonly faced problem

How to Html Encode a string in .NET

How to html encode a string in .net for displaying on a page

Add parameterized queries in MySql (OleDb)

Explains how to add parameters in odbc queries